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Annex Shul High Holy Days are a highlight in our community. While we are making changes due to COVID-19, services will, as always, be enlightening, participatory, and egalitarian.

High Holy Day services begin with the first and second days of Rosh Hashana (not Erev/ Evening of) on Tuesday, September 7 and Wednesday, September 8. Services continue with Erev (Evening of) Yom Kippur on Wednesday, September 15, and Yom Kippur Day on Thursday, September 16.

COVID Considerations and Service Details:

High Holy Day services this year will again take place outside to provide our community with meaningful and safe prayer spaces. Many congregants reported they felt moved by the outdoor services last year, and we are excited to enjoy uplifting ritual space outside with you all once again.

Though services will be condensed and shorter than usual, they will still pack a hearty punch. Please note that we will not be providing seating and you are encouraged to bring your own folding chair or blanket to sit on. We will provide machzors (prayer books). 

We will maintain physical distancing between congregants through the use of demarcated, distanced pylons. The seating will be for all genders (no tri-chitza). A hand sanitizing station will also be available. 

As always, if you feel unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms, you must stay home. If you or someone in your household has COVID symptoms and cannot make it, we are happy to refund any tickets. Please email info@annexshul.com to arrange this.

We will not have a tent structure but there is limited rain coverage in the area of our park permit. Because there is rain coverage, we will not be cancelling due to rain. 

There is a public restroom in the park.

Accessibility information: The park and grassy area we will be on are accessible for folks with mobility aids. If you require a folding chair please contact info@annexshul.com. We will be able to provide a limited number of chairs for those who need. 

We are so glad that you are considering joining us for High Holy Days at Annex Shul this year! It is certain to be a memorable and moving experience.


We will be treating RH1, RH2, Yom Kippur and Kol Nidre as separate ticketed days. You are also welcome to use our pay-what-you-can option. The sliding scale ticket prices are:

  • $36 – $54 for each day (RH1 or RH2 or KN or YK)

    • For example:

      • $72 – $108 for 2 days (RH1+RH2 or KN+YK)

      • $144 – $216 for all the Holy Days (RH1+RH2+KN+YK)

We recognize that it has been a difficult year financially for many and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please feel encouraged to use the PWYC option ($3 minimum). Ticketing suggestions are intended for a single person. Please indicate on the registration form if multiple people will be joining us.

There will not be physical tickets. We will check in attendees who have registered from the registration list.



Wednesday, September 15th Kol Nidre :

Candle lighting: 7:09 pm

Kol Nidre- 7:15 pm, promptly (Location: Christie Pits Park)

Followed by condensed Ma’ariv and selections from Slichot service.

Thursday, September 16th Yom Kippur

Davening- 10:00 am (Location: Christie Pits Park)

Yizkor - approximately 12:30 pm. We will not be davening Mincha together this year.Explanatory Avodah Service, following Musaf

Afternoon Break

Pre-Neila singing - 6:15 pm

Neila- 7:15pm

Shofar Blowing- 8:16 pm

Please indicate on the registration form if you are registering for multiple people.